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Do Shin Tattoos Hurt?

Do Shin Tattoos Hurt

If you’re thinking about getting a shin tattoo, you might be wondering how much it will hurt. The pain of a tattoo usually depends on a few factors, including the location and the size of the tattoo. 

How much do shin tattoos hurt? They tend to be on the more painful end of the spectrum. It is a well-known fact that pain is worse in locations where there is less skin or fat and that the closer the tattoo is to the bones, the more painful it will be.

How Bad Do Shin Tattoos Hurt?

Getting the tattoo is typically unpleasant. But not everybody feels pain at the same intensity. 

How bad do shin tattoos hurt? REAL BAD. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9. It hurts a lot because it is super close to the bone.

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You can discuss the level of pain you should anticipate and possible relief options with your tattoo artist.

Location of Shin Tattoos

Let’s look at why shin tattoos hurt so much in more detail:

Little to No Fat

We wince at the very concept of something directly touching our bones. Since the shin area doesn’t have much padding, it stands to reason that the nerve endings there will be more sensitive to vibrations and to an intrusion through the skin. 

The main source of discomfort in this region is known to be stimulation of the periosteum, which is the tissue that covers the bones.

Rattling Sensations

The person’s reaction when the needle is close to the bone is another factor that contributes to the shin area’s reputation as a delicate location to tattoo. 

The individual getting tattooed may suffer a painful sensation that feels like the bone beneath the needle is violently rattling when the tattoo needles pierce skin that doesn’t have that wonderful cushion of fat beneath it. 

This discomfort is typically felt throughout the entire area. Although not painful per se, this experience is typically unpleasant and can, over time, mentally exhaust the individual getting tattooed as they try to ignore the sensation. Of course, your skeletons do not physically move.

Shin Designs Are Generally Quite Large

Almost every shin tattoo is at least 5-6 inches. The level of pain that may be felt is typically correlated with the size and complexity of a tattoo. 

The discomfort will increase throughout a tattoo session because most shin tattoos are very large, especially as hormones like adrenaline start to diminish.

How Do You Make A Shin Tattoo Hurt Less?

Let’s take a look at some measures you can take to lower the pain you feel when getting a shin tattoo.

Start with Small Tattoos

The intensity of discomfort associated with each tattoo varies widely. Tattoos that are intricate and massive hurt more, while tattoos that are small hurt less. 

Instead of getting your entire shin tattooed if it’s your first time, start small.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol Before Getting A Tattoo

You might think of drinking alcohol to numb the agony of getting tattooed. Or perhaps you want to use it to get over your tattoo phobia. But all it does is cause blowback! 

Alcohol thins your blood instead of masking your pain, thin blood causes more bleeding and hurts more. (You don’t need to thicken your blood either)

Energy drinks, coffee, and over-the-counter medicines all thin blood. Instead, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water.

Use a Numbing Cream

Numbing cream can lessen the pain. How do they do it? It prevents the nerve terminals on the skin from sending pain signals to the brain, it numbs the skin. 

Apply a numbing cream on your shin 45 minutes before your appointment.

How Long Do Shin Tattoos Take To Heal?

After getting the shin tattoo, you’ll probably be eager to flaunt it, but it might take longer than you anticipate for it to heal completely. 

The length of time it takes for the wound to heal can vary depending on the size of the tattoo and your habits. 

The visible portion of the shin usually heals in 2 to 3 weeks. Although it may appear to be and feel healed.

The healing process for the skin around the shin is slower, and you can speed it up by not moisturizing, skipping SPF, or using a lotion that contains alcohol. 

After about 6 – 8 weeks your shin tattoo should be completely healed.

What Do I Wear To A Shin Tattoo?

Before getting a tattoo, there are many things to think about, including the tattoo parlor, the design, placement, size, style, and the artist.

You shouldn’t have to stress about how you’ll get to your appointment on the day in question, particularly when it comes to what to wear. 

The attire you choose for your tattoo appointment is largely determined by the location of the tattoo. Getting a hand, wrist, or leg tattoo is fairly simple.

However, if you’re getting tattoos in a more private setting, you should be prepared to show a little skin, but not too much, if you get what we mean.

How do you sleep with a shin tattoo?

Sleeping with a new shin tattoo requires careful steps to ensure the tattoo heals properly and does not get irritated.

First, it’s important to keep the tattoo clean and moisturized before bed. This aids in the healing process and prevents the tattoo from drying out and causing discomfort.

When you’re ready to sleep, try to position yourself in a way that your tattoo doesn’t directly contact the sheets.

If possible, sleep on your back or side to keep pressure off your shin. Consider using clean, soft sheets to minimize irritation and reduce the risk of infection.

If your shin tattoo is relatively large, you may also want to lightly wrap it with a clean cloth or bandage to further protect it while sleeping.

However, make sure the wrap is not too tight as it may hinder circulation.

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