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How to Thicken Your Blood Before a Tattoo

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How to Thicken Your Blood Before a Tattoo

Most of you have probably heard that using blood thinners before getting a tattoo is bad, right?

This might lead some to wonder if thinners are bad, it might be a good idea to thicken your blood. And they might also assume thicker blood means less bleeding during tattooing.

This is something a lot of newbie tattoo enthusiasts think.

This post is all about thicker blood and tattoos. We will discuss if one needs to thicken their blood and how to thicken blood for a tattoo. I’ll also touch the topic of bleeding when you get a tattoo and give you some tips on how to reduce it.

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Without further ado let’s jump right in.

Do I Need to Thicken Your Blood For a Tattoo?

You do not need to thicken your blood before a tattoo. Tattooing works perfectly well with ‘NORMAL BLOOD’. I don’t see any valid reason why you would need to thicken it.

Normally your blood has around 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood [1]. If your artist is working correctly, a tattoo is only a partial thickness injury and it will penetrate no deeper than the dermis (read more about this here).

Hence the bleeding is very minimal and the artist will just wipe it away as it comes and continue to work on it and it will have no consequence to the tattoo process.

Can I Get a Tattoo if I Have Thin Blood?

If you have a low level of platelets in your bloodstream it’s known as thrombocytopenia, or ‘thin blood’. This condition could be caused by a variety of causes including [2]:

  • Infections
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Cancer

If you have thin blood, unfortunately, you should not get a tattoo as it can cause serious problems.

The tattoo artist will not be willing to take you on as thin blood will cause a lot of bleeding when the skin is penetrated by the tattoo needles.

If your thin blood is caused by a nutritional deficiency like the lack of vitamin b12 or iron, Worry not as there are solutions! Speak to your doctor and he will give you advice.

Let’s now look at how to thicken your blood for a tattoo.

How to Thicken Your Blood Before a Tattoo?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Always consult a doctor before following any of these. I’ll not talk about medications etc.. and will just focus on diet.

Here are a few tips on how to thicken your blood before a tattoo through diet [3]:

  • Eat more food that is rich in vitamin K (but a balanced diet). Vitamin K is essential for the reactions in your body (coagulation process) that cause blood to thicken and clot.
  • Stop drinking alcohol! It is a blood thinner. Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible.
  • Avoid food with high salicylates, they reduce the chance of your body absorbing Vitamin K 
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do not engage in vigorous exercise as this too will thin the blood. But light to moderate exercise is still alright.  

How Do You Not Bleed So Much When Getting a Tattoo?

There’s nothing much you can do but if your artist knows what he is doing and doesn’t go deeper than the dermis you should be fine and the bleeding will be minimal.

Make sure you stay off blood thinners like aspirin or alcohol before your appointment. Also staying hydrated goes a long way!

Start eating more food that contains vitamin K throughout the week before the tattoo, It helps blood to thicken.

Most importantly stay CALM when getting the tattoo.

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Stopping Blood Thinners Before a Tattoo

When considering getting a tattoo while on blood thinners, it’s essential to understand the associated risks and take appropriate precautions.

Blood thinners, including over-the-counter medications like aspirin and Tylenol, reduce the body’s ability to form blood clots. This can lead to increased bleeding during the tattooing process, potentially complicating the procedure and healing.

The blood-thinning effects can cause blood to seep through the skin more easily and in higher volumes, making it harder for the tattoo artist to work due to decreased visibility and increased bleeding. 

It’s crucial to consult both your healthcare professional and tattoo artist before making a decision. Your doctor can provide personalized guidance on whether it’s safe to temporarily stop taking blood thinners and the appropriate waiting period after discontinuation before getting a tattoo.

Generally, it’s recommended to wait at least two weeks after stopping blood thinners, but this can vary based on factors like the type of blood thinner, dosage, and individual health conditions.

The healing process of a new tattoo can also be affected if you’re on blood thinners. These medications may prolong the healing process by increasing the risk of bleeding and impacting the formation of a stable blood clot around the tattooed area.


Can You Get a Tattoo if You’re on Blood Thinner?

No, it is not advisable to get a tattoo if you are on a blood thinner and most tattoo artists won’t allow you either. If you are on them it is very likely you will bleed a lot during the tattoo session.

Do Bananas Thicken Your Blood?

Yes bananas do thicken your blood, they are packed with potassium which improves blood flow by lowering blood pressure.


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