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49 Best One Piece Tattoo Ideas

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Ace & Luffy Tattoo Idea

49 Best One Piece Tattoo Ideas & Designs

As a huge One Piece fan I had to make a list of the best One Piece tattoo designs that I could find.

One Piece tattoos come in a variety of styles and designs, each one capturing the essence of the show in its own unique way. Whether you are looking for a small, subtle tattoo or a full back piece that pays homage to the entire One Piece universe, there is a design out there for everyone.

Popular One Piece Tattoo Designs

If you’re a fan of the One Piece anime and manga series and are looking to get a tattoo inspired by the show, you’re in luck! There are plenty of designs to choose from that can capture the essence of your favorite characters and moments from the series. Here are some popular One Piece tattoo ideas to consider:

One Piece Tattoo Ideas

For those who want a tattoo that represents the entire series, there are plenty of options. Some popular choices include getting the One Piece logo or the Jolly Roger pirate flag that represents the Straw Hat Pirates. Another idea is to get a tattoo of the Thousand Sunny, the ship that the Straw Hats use to travel the seas.

One Piece Tattoo - Buggy the Clown


Minimalist & Small One Piece Tattoos

If you’re looking for something more subtle, consider a minimalist or small One Piece tattoo. This could be a simple outline of your favorite character or symbol from the series, such as the Straw Hat or the Chopper Hat. You could also get a small tattoo of a quote from the series that holds special meaning to you.

Ace Inspired Tattoos

Ace is a fan-favorite character from the series, and his design lends itself well to tattoos. Some popular Ace-inspired tattoos include his signature hat, his tattoo of the Spade symbol, or a portrait of the character.

Luffy Inspired Tattoos

As the main character of the series, Luffy is a popular choice for One Piece tattoos. Some ideas include a tattoo of his iconic straw hat or his scar under his eye. You could also get a tattoo of Luffy in one of his many forms, such as Gear Fourth or his pre-timeskip design.

Zoro Inspired Tattoos

Zoro is another beloved character from the series, and his swordsman aesthetic makes for great tattoo designs. Some popular Zoro-inspired tattoos include his signature bandana, his three swords, or a portrait of the character.

Whitebeard Inspired Tattoos

Whitebeard is a legendary pirate from the series, and his distinctive design makes for great tattoo inspiration. Some popular Whitebeard-inspired tattoos include his signature mustache, his coat with the Whitebeard Pirates logo, or a portrait of the character.

Trafalgar Law Inspired Tattoos

Trafalgar Law is a fan-favorite character from the series, and his unique design lends itself well to tattoos. Some popular Law-inspired tattoos include his Jolly Roger pirate flag, his “Death Surgeon” tattoo, or a portrait of the character.

Nami Inspired Tattoos

Some popular Nami-inspired tattoos include her tattoo of the tangerine symbol, her Clima-Tact weapon, or a portrait of the character.

One Piece Sleeve Tattoos

For those looking to make a bold statement, a One Piece sleeve tattoo is a great option. This could include a collection of your favorite characters and symbols from the series, or a larger design that captures the spirit of the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind Luffy’s arm tattoo? What does 32dy mean?

Luffy does not actually have a tattoo. The 32DY was drawn on his arm to tell his crewmates to meet in   3 days and 2 years. 3d2y was a message only his crew would understand.

When did One Piece pirates lose their tattoos? What happened to the X tattoos?

The X was to show Vivi that they were still friends even though they could not verbalize it. The X was not an actually tattoo but some marker or ink that vanished naturally.

What does Ace’s tattoos mean?

The tattoo is a abbreviation for those closest to Ace.

“A” stands for Ace, “S” stands for Sabo, and “C” stands for “crybaby” (meaning Luffy). Finally, “E” stands for Edward Newgate, who Ace considered his father.

What does Trafalgar Law’s tattoos mean?

The heart on his chest references Corazon the man who sacrificed himself for Law. The smiley face is a representation of Corazon smiling in his last moments.