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Hey there! Thanks for visiting the inkinstructor. Hope you found a solution for what you were looking for 🙂

InkInstructor is the ultimate online resource for tattoos. Our content is created by a licensed tattoo artist for both tattoo artists and individuals, and we aim to provide the best quality content possible to help you learn everything you need to know about tattoos.

Whether its your first time getting a tattoo, or if you are an artist looking to expand your knowledge, InkInstructor has something for you. We cover every aspect of the tattoo process, from choosing the right design and preparing for your appointment, to maintaining your new ink and avoiding common mistakes.


InkInstructor is run by two authors. Juan and Christine. Lets meet them!

Meet Juan!

Hey! My name is Juan Cruz and I am the guy behind this site! I am a licensed tattoo artist and I live in Austin, Texas.

I have been tattooing for over 12 years, and I have done hundreds of tattoos. With all that experience, basically I know what I am doing.

That’s Me!

I created this site to help people who are looking for advice or tips before they get a tattoo as well as for artists who are looking to expand their knowledge.

On inkinstructor, I plan on posting a ton of guides on all areas covering anything regarding, getting a tattoo, taking care of your tattoos and also some health and pain tolerance tips.

If any of you guys are on Pinterest or Facebook please give us a like! Thanks. I am active on social media so if any of you got any questions you can reach me out there. Or can send us an message through the contact page.

Meet Christine!

Hey everyone, I am new here! I am a tattoo apprentice and been tattooing for about 3 months. I hope to share everything I learn here with you guys!

That’s Me!

I am very active on Facebook so feel free reach out to me there in case you guys have any questions! Thanks