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Can I Use Dove Soap On My Tattoo? (Explained)

Can I Use Dove Soap On My Tattoo

Cleaning tattoos is a very delicate process and must be done with the utmost care, if done improperly you could cause permanent damage to the tattooed area.

So how does one clean tattoos properly you ask? One word – Soap.

And when you say soap, Dove is probably the first thing that comes to mind to most people. After all, it’s the most used soap in the US.

With its reputation for being mild and gentle on the skin, it’s not surprising that some people might wonder if it’s a good option for cleaning their tattoos.

Turns out, some Dove soap like the Dove Beauty Bar Sensitive Skin can be used to clean tattoos and it’s safe, while others are not so good.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at why Dove soap is safe and effective for tattoos, and how to use Dove soap to clean your tattoo.

How Does Soap Affect Tattoos?

Soaps have an important part to play when cleaning tattoos as they have many helpful attributes that can help maintain tattoos.

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But one must be careful when selecting the type of soap to use, picking up a random bar from the store could cause unwanted damage to the tattoo and skin.

How Does Soap Affect Tattoos

Soaps containing a lot of natural ingredients are highly effective and recommended for tattoo aftercare. Other ingredients like glycerin, cinnamate and vitamin B keeps the skin moisturized preventing tattoo fade and helping in the healing process.

Many soaps are advertised with these ingredients as highlights which will aid you when searching for a proper bar of soap, but you can always search up the ingredients list for the soap on the internet. 

Soaps containing fragrances and alcohol should be avoided at all costs as they can cause skin irritation and discomfort with a plethora of other inconveniences.

Additionally, you should also keep an eye out for allergens that may be present in some soaps, you can check soap ingredients on the internet or on the packaging of the soap itself.

Is Dove Soap Safe For Tattoos?

Dove is globally renowned as one of the safest soap brands by both dermatologists and consumers alike and can be used to clean tattoos without causing any issues.

There is a large catalog of various types of soaps you can find at Dove, meaning you’re assured of being able to find a soap that’s to your liking and that is compatible with your skin. 

Is Dove Soap Safe For Tattoos

Dove’s most popular soap bar for tattoo aftercare is the Dove Beauty Bar Sensitive Skin. It contains none of the aforementioned ingredients like fragrance and alcohol as it is mainly designed for sensitive skin which is perfect for newly tattooed skin.

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It also contains a load of natural ingredients which can keep the skin moisturized and looking fresh while also preventing bacterial infections and scarring.

However, all the Dove soaps are scented and can dry out the tattoo.

Ingredients Of Dove Beauty Bar

Let’s take a look at some of the main ingredients of Dove Sensitive Skin soap and their purpose.

Sodium Lauroyl IsethionateSurfactant, helps to remove dirt and oil from skin
Stearic AcidEmulsifying agent, helps to mix oil and water-based ingredients
Palmitic AcidEmulsifying agent, helps to mix oil and water-based ingredients
Sodium TallowateSoap base
Cocamidopropyl BetaineSurfactant, helps to remove dirt and oil from skin
Sodium ChlorideThickening agent
Titanium DioxidePigment, helps to provide whitening effect

Check out the entire list of ingredients in more detail here.

Other Types Of Dove Soaps

Here’s another table with most of the dove soaps out there and if these specific products are good for tattoos:

SoapScented?Safe for tattoos?
Dove Original Beauty Cream BarYesNot recommended
Dove Pink Beauty BarYesBad
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty BarYesNot recommended 
Dove go fresh Beauty BarYesNot recommended 
White Beauty BarLight ScentNot recommended 

How To Clean Tattoos With Dove Soap?

Apply the bar of soap onto the tattooed area gently, make sure that you do not scrub the tattoo too aggressively as it can cause permanent scarring and tattoo fade.

You should avoid using abrasive items like loofahs so that the tattoo can heal properly. Hot showers are also highly discouraged, especially during the first month of having a new tattoo.

After you’re done with your shower gently pat down on the tattoo with a dry towel and apply some antibacterial ointment such as CeraVe onto the tattoo and then cover it up with a bandage to protect the tattoo from rubbing against your clothes and to also prevent bacterial infections.

You should take showers twice a day, change out the bandages and replace them with a new layer of antibacterial ointment after each shower for the most effective healing time.

Bottom Line

Dove Sensitive Skin is good for tattoos, however I wouldn’t recommend using other Dove soaps. They are scented and not gentle and as a result will dry out the tattoo.

If you’re not sure about what brand of soap you should buy, the safe bet would be to go with Dove Sensitive Skin. However, while Dove soap may not cause any harm, there are other products that are specially made for cleaning tattoos.


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