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Do Tattoos Make Your Arms Look Bigger?

Do Tattoos Make Your Arms Look Bigger

If you’re considering getting inked, you might be wondering do tattoos make your arms look bigger?

While it might seem counterintuitive, tattoos do not make your arms look bigger and more muscular instead, they can make your arms look smaller.

However, It depends on a variety of factors, including the size and ink color.

In this blog post, we’ll explore more about whether they make us look muscular and hide our muscle definition with the right factors, along with a few other FAQS.

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Do Tattoos Make You Look Bigger?

This depends on the size, lines, shapes, number of tattoos, and the part of the body where you are going to get the tattoo inked on. 

Tattoos on certain parts of your body can make it look bigger than it was before. For example, tattoos with a horizontal line in the upper part of the shoulder can make it appear as it is wider than it was before getting tattooed. 

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Also getting a large tattoo on a certain part of your body which is mostly visible can make you look smaller than before, the same goes for a small tattoo it makes the flesh around the tattoo look bigger.

Do Tattoos Make Your Arms Look Bigger?

Tattoos do not make your arms look bigger but they can make it seem smaller which depends on the size of the tattoo. 

For example, if you get a full sleeve tattoo on one arm, it’s going to look smaller than the other. A full sleeve will make the arm look smaller.

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However, tattoos on certain parts of the arm have no effect on the size for example the forearm. If you want to make your arms bigger you should hit the gym.

Do Tattoos Hide Muscle Definition?

Yes, certain tattoos can hide muscle definition.

If you are a muscular/aesthetic person with buffed arms you will likely see that your muscles have nice round shapes and curves and also veins popping out (vascularity) on the skin surface. 

A full sleeve tattoo can hide these curves and vascularity of the arm, however, your arm would still look the size it was before but the muscle definition won’t be visible as it was before, the ink will cover these parts of the arm. 

One tattoo would not hide muscle definition. But the more tattoos you have, the fewer the definitions will be visible. 

Working out stretches your muscles and these stretch marks can be visible with the tattoos. Make sure to consider these facts if you’re planning on getting tattooed.

Do Tattoos Make You Look More Muscular?

No tattoos don’t make you look more muscular, but a specifically designed tattoo from your artist can make certain portions of your body (biceps) more round so that it may make your muscles more visible. 

In terms of the tattoo, slow muscle growth does not affect the appearance of the tattoo; however rapid growth might change the appearance of the tattoo.

Tattoos that Make Your Arms Look Thinner

If you are considering getting tattooed because it might make you look more muscular or bigger then too bad for you it doesn’t. You have to hit the gym if you want to be more muscular. 

However, getting tattooed is your personal choice so do what you think is best for you. If you are concerned about the effects the tattoos have on your muscles then you should because it has its downsides, The same goes for the tattoo when it comes to the changes in the size of the body.


Do Tattoo Sleeves on Fat Arms Look Good?

Sleeve tattoos on any sized arm looks good as long as you are able to take care of it without ruining it, even though if you’re overweight the tattoo will look good on the bare skin but you can make it look good even better if you lose muscle fat on your arm. However you shouldn’t rapidly lose fat but at a slow rate so that your sleeve tattoo doesn’t stretch or go off point. This only applies if you already got the arm sleeve tattoo.

Do Tattoos Look Good on Skinny Arms?

Tattoos on skinny arms look good just as the tattoos on a buffed arm, however buffed arms lose the visibility of its muscle definition. On the other hand skinny arms have no downside at all and arm tattoos will look good.

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  1. I’ve always been fairly muscular, and have a couple of tattoos already. I have had a right wrist injury for years, but at this point it is bone on bone and usage is severely limited which means that arm will become smaller/ less muscular over time.
    If I understand this article correctly, if I get a sleeve on the right arm, it should camouflage the size difference between the two arms.
    Is that about right?

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