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How To Cancel A Tattoo Appointment (Explained)

How To Cancel A Tattoo Appointment

Getting a tattoo is a big deal, but sometimes life gets in the way and you need to cancel your appointment.

Whether it’s a personal emergency or a change of heart, it’s important to do it the right (professional) way.

In this post, we’ll show you how to cancel a tattoo appointment without being a jerk, from prepping for the cancellation to what you can expect after you make the call.

Canceling A Tattoo Appointment

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about why it’s important to cancel your tattoo appointment the right way.

Tattoo artists depend on their appointments for a living, and when someone cancels at the last minute, it can mess up their schedule and income.

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Plus, canceling at the last minute can be a pain for the studio, since they probably turned away other clients to keep the spot for you.

Canceling A Tattoo Appointment

Reasons for canceling a tattoo appointment can vary, but some common ones include personal emergencies, changes in financial circumstances, or a change of heart about the design. 

Regardless of the reason, it’s important to cancel your appointment respectfully and professionally.

Preparing To Cancel The Appointment

Before you cancel your tattoo appointment, you need to do a little prep work. First, check the cancellation policy of the studio you’re booked with.

This will give you an idea of any fees you might have to pay and what steps you need to take to cancel. But if you let them know ahead of the date mentioned in the policy, you won’t get any fees.

If you have already made a deposit, it’s probably non-refundable and you won’t get it back.

Next, gather all the info you need. This includes the name of the studio, the name of the artist you’re booked with, and your appointment date and time.

Having this information on hand will make the cancellation process much easier.

Making the Call

Now it’s time to contact the studio. The best way to do this is by calling them and speaking to someone directly. If you can’t call, you can also send an email or message.

Making the Call

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When you make a call or send a message, be polite and professional.

Explain why you need to cancel and apologize for any inconvenience it might cause. If you can, give as much notice as possible to help the studio manage its schedule.

What to Expect When Canceling A Tattoo Appointment 

Depending on the studio’s cancellation policy, you might have to pay a fee. This is because the studio probably turned away other clients to keep the spot for you, and the fee helps compensate them for this lost business.

Understanding the fee and any other charges ahead of time will help you prepare for the cost of canceling.

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In some cases, the studio might offer to reschedule your appointment instead of canceling it. If this is an option, chat with the studio to see if it works for your schedule.

But if you already made a deposit when you booked the spot, it won’t be refunded. Almost all tattoo studios don’t refund deposits.


Can You Reschedule a Tattoo Appointment?

Yes, you can typically reschedule a tattoo appointment, but it’s important to give the tattoo studio as much notice as possible.

This courtesy allows the artist to adjust their schedule and potentially fill the slot with another client, ensuring that their time isn’t wasted and they don’t lose out on income.

Many studios have rescheduling policies in place, so be sure to check the rules in advance and be prepared for any potential rescheduling fees.

What to Say When Booking a Tattoo Appointment?

When booking a tattoo appointment, be clear and specific by saying, “Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I would like to schedule a tattoo appointment with [Artist’s Name] if available.

I am looking to get a [describe the tattoo design] on my [body part] and would like to discuss the design and get an estimate on the time and cost.

Could you let me know your artist’s availability?” This approach is effective as it provides the necessary information upfront, showing respect for the artist’s schedule, and it helps to expedite the booking process by outlining the key details of your desired tattoo.


Canceling a tattoo appointment can be stressful, but it’s important to do it the right way. Not only does it show respect for the studio and the artist, but it also ensures that you can reschedule your appointment in the future if you need to.

Remember, tattoo artists are professionals and they probably understand if you need to cancel

However, giving as much notice as possible will help them manage their schedule and minimize the impact of the cancellation.

Overall, canceling a tattoo appointment the right way is a process that requires preparation, professionalism, and respect.

By checking the cancellation policy, gathering the required information, and contacting the studio directly, you can ensure that your cancellation is handled smoothly and with minimal impact on the studio and artist.

A well-canceled appointment is a step in the right direction towards rescheduling and getting that tattoo you’ve been dreaming of.

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