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Tegaderm Vs Saniderm (Quick Comparison)

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tegaderm vs saniderm

Tegaderm and Saniderm are both medical grade adhesive bandages that help tattoos and wounds heal faster and reduce the risk of infection.

Both of them are almost the same, but there are a few small differences between the two.

In this article, I’ll break down the similarities and differences of Saniderm and Tegaderm and compare factors like wear time, breathability, removing, how long it lasts, adhesion and cost.

Is Tegaderm The Same As Saniderm?

Tegaderm and Saniderm work in the same way and have a lot of similarities, but they are not the same products.

Tegaderm is a transparent, adhesive film dressing that is designed to protect wounds, cuts, and tattoos. It is made of a clear, breathable material and is waterproof.

Made with a hypoallergenic formula and a 25+ year track record of being trusted by medical professionals in hospitals, Tegaderm has established itself as a reliable choice for wound care.

Saniderm is also a clear, adhesive bandage, but is specifically designed for tattoos and is trusted by thousands of artists worldwide. It is made of a breathable material and is also water-resistant, so you can shower with it on.

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Similarities Between Tegaderm Vs Saniderm

Apart from the obvious similarities and how they work, some others include:

  • Both are designed to protect and cover wounds like tattoos
  • Both are transparent and allow for oxygen to reach the tattoo
  • Both are water-resistant and flexible for a comfortable fit
  • Medical grade, made from High quality materials in the US

Saniderm Vs Tegaderm

The main difference between Saniderm and Tegaderm is that Saniderm is specifically made for healing tattoos while Tegaderm is a more versatile wound care dressing that can be used for a variety of wound types, from cuts to burns to blisters.

Tegaderm is less painful to remove and has better adhesion and will last longer than Saniderm (even tho Saniderm was made to last longer) and is cheaper than Saniderm and easily accessible.

Plus, Tegaderm is thinner than Saniderm, making it a better option for areas of the body that move a lot.

Let’s take a look at some these in greater details:


Tegaderm is thinner than Saniderm.

Tegaderm’s thin design allows for a greater range of motion and makes it ideal for areas of the body that flex a lot, like biceps and calves.


This can be good if you need to keep doing their daily activities and it won’t cause discomfort.


Tegaderm stays adhered to much better than Saniderm.

The last thing you want is for the dressing to come loose or fall off, especially during the healing process, forcing you to switch to traditional aftercare.

In my own personal experience, Tegaderm is a step above Saniderm and the rest in this department, staying put much better than other options.

How Long Do They Last

Tegaderm lasts longer than Saniderm.

Saniderm and other Second Skin tend to only last a few days without losing a lot of its adhesion, but Tegaderm (after the initial 24-hour application) stays in place for over a week without any issue.

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Ease Of Removal

Another great thing about Tegaderm is how easy it is to remove, especially compared to other second skins apart from Saniderm.

ease of removal

There’s nothing worse than having to peel off a dressing and feeling like your skin is being ripped off with it. Tegaderm comes off much smoother and with less pain, making the entire process a whole lot less stressful.


Both bandages can be found at affordable prices, but Saniderm is more expensive due to its specialized purpose I guess.


Tegaderm is much more readily available than Saniderm.

One of the biggest advantages of Tegaderm is its wide availability. You can find it in most pharmacies and medical supply stores.

On the other hand, you can only order Saniderm online, through their official site or amazon.

Bottom Line

So considering all the factors, Tegaderm seems to be the clear winner here. But does this mean it’s better than Saniderm? Not necessarily.

The most important factor is if they are effective and get the job done. Both Saniderm and Tegaderm are really effective and work the same way and it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

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